USA VS Canada

For the ten returning U.S.A hockey olympians, Thursday afternoon (in Korea) presents the long-awaited opportunity to take care of some unfinished business. For the other thirteen, it’s a welcoming to a rivalry clashing on the biggest stage. After U.S.A’s defeat over Finland and Canada’s victory over the Olympic Athletes from Russia, U.S.A and Canada meet […]

Because… Vegas Reasons

A year ago, this team did not even exist. Each player currently on the roster was playing for a different team. Many fans were not sold on a team in Vegas and thought of the idea as a joke. The expansion draft was set for June 21st, 2017. It was thought that McPhee could put […]

The Irony in It All

This was it. This was the year the Carolina Hurricanes made it back into the postseason. Everything was looking up. I was absolutely sure of it.   So what happened? Scott Darling is still somewhat adjusting to being a starter. I do believe fans are jumping on him too early. He has had some really […]

This is Not How It was Supposed to Go

Before the season, everyone agreed Toronto and Edmonton were the favorites to win the Stanley Cup for Canada. Next down the list was Montreal and Ottawa, followed by Calgary, and then there was Winnipeg and Vancouver. That has not been the case, however, in the first quarter of the season. Edmonton is back to being […]

Season Prediction 2017-2018

Metro Division Pittsburgh Penguins* Columbus Blue Jackets* New York Rangers* Washington Capitals* Carolina Hurricanes* Philadelphia Flyers New York Islanders New Jersey Devils   Atlantic Division Tampa Bay Lightning* Toronto Maple Leafs* Montreal Canadiens* Ottawa Senators Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Florida Panthers Detroit Red Wings   Central Division Dallas Stars* Minnesota Wild* Chicago Blackhawks* Nashville Predators* […]