Predators vs Blues

I predicted Nashville to beat the Blackhawks, but I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted the way they dispatched Chicago. Sweeping them, they only allowed 3 goals the entire series, and “Chelsea  Dagger” did not play once.

Minnesota’s season came to a disappointing end, losing in five games to the Blues. Adding insult to injury, Eric Staal, arguably their most important player throughout the season, fell into the boards head first in a scary incident. Even though the Blues won in five games, it was the Wild who controlled most of the play throughout each game. Jake Allen stole the series for the Blues.

Obviously, both Pekka Rinne and Jake Allen were key to each team advancing to the second round. I’d say Rinne, however, was the better of the two. With the Preds averaging about 28.75 shots a game and the Blues 24.2, the Preds have the upper hand if Rinne continues to be the better goaltender. If the teams were to average the amount of shots the opposition allowed per game and their shot percentages remained constant, the Preds average over a goal per game more than the Blues.

I see the Predators taking this series in five or six games. I believe the only chance the Blues have is if Rinne goes cold.


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