Ducks vs Oilers

The Ducks, like the Predators, swept their opponent, the Calgary Flames. The Flames put up a fight, but could not close out any of the games, including a three goal lead they had in game 3.

The Oilers faced a struggling Sharks squad, with Couture playing with all I can describe as a broken mouth, and Joe Thorton with a strained MCL and ACL. They were the stronger team in the last two months, and it continued into the playoffs. The Sharks did have a great shot at winning the series, though. It was an even series, but a comeback by the Oilers in game 5, followed by a dominant overtime, gave them a 3-2 series lead and the momentum to close it out in game 6.

The Ducks, I think, have the upper hand. Gibson has been the stronger goaltender, and with the Oilers shooting five less shots, I don’t see them beating Anaheim. Even if they were to get the 34 shots a game the Ducks allow, their shooting percentage hasn’t been high enough to take advantage. I see Anaheim winning in six games.



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