Au Revoir, Michel Therrien

Boston has just recently fired Claude Julien. It’s been only a week, and he finds himself with another job, and it is with the Bruins’ fiercest rival, the Montreal Canadiens, who let go of Michel Therrien Tuesday afternoon. This isn’t the first time Julien has coached Montreal, however, as he coached them from 2003-2007.

Montreal, once again, had a hot start to the season, starting the first half with a 28-11-7 record. While they still hold the first spot in the Atlantic Division, they have gone 3-8-1 in their last 12 games. Carey Price has been uncharacteristically awful during this stretch, and Brendan Gallagher has been non-existent since returning from injury. This is the second straight season a slump has occurred. After their 9-0-0 start last year, followed by a strong November, they fell off the cliff and out of playoff contention. Now this year’s isn’t to that extent, and it seems inevitable they’ll return to the postseason, two straight seasons of this, coupled with no Stanley Cup appearances in his tenure as head coach, really was the final straw.

Claude Julien is a defensive-minded coach. During his time in Boston, he took the Bruins to two Stanley Cup Final appearances, winning one in 2011. I believe it is a very good move by Montreal, as he is a very good coach. As for Michel Therrien, where he goes from here is uncertain. Will he find another job, or is this the end of his career as an NHL coach?


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