No Canadian Team in the Playoff Picture

This could be the first time in 46 years that not one Canadian team makes the playoffs. Calgary has been a disappointment this year after being a pleasant surprise last season. With the addition of Dougie Hamilton and the good, young core another year older, they were expected to be a force, but they ended up back near the bottom. Vancouver is another team expected to be strong that is going to miss. Winnipeg I’m not sure was expected to definitely be a playoff team, but they were suppose to be in the race, and that isn’t happening. Toronto, of course, wasn’t expected to make the postseason, and were, once again, a bottom feeder. Same story is with Edmonton. Ottawa was in the race all the way until February, where they’ve now dropped off. They are only 4 points back of Pittsburgh, but have played three more games, and Carolina and New Jersey are playing too well for Ottawa to sneak in at this point. The real surprise, however, is Montreal, who basically has no chance at the postseason. This is a team that won their first nine games and began with a 19-6-3 record, and have since gone 9-21-1. All I can think of is that it has to do with a multitude of events, such as the injury to Carey Price, lack of adjustments from Bergevin and Therrien, as well as Therrien throwing the same players under the bus, possibly alienating the players. There is also the lack of production from guys like Pacioretty, and, who knows, maybe, in some bizarre way, the release of Semin hurt. At any rate, it is amazing that not one Canadian team is in the postseason picture, and not one being likely of making a run and sneaking in.


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