Problem in Orange County

The start the Anaheim Ducks have had is surprisingly awful. I expected yet another year at the top of the West, but they currently stand last at 1-6-2. The worst part of it is that they have a goals for per game average of 1.0. Before last night’s three goal performance, where they blew a 3-0 lead against Dallas, they held a 0.75 goals for per game average. They have been shutout five times out of their first nine games. For a team with a good amount of lethal offensive talent, that is pretty pathetic.

I think it is time to part ways with Bruce Boudreau. It’s the same story it was in Washington, being at the top lot the league for a few seasons, blowing it in the postseason, and then eventually crumbling as a team. The Ducks have the players to be a top team in the league, as has been shown the last three seasons, so it is unacceptable to be sitting at one win in nine games.


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