Obstructed View

I’m here watching the Islanders-Bruins game, and I can’t help but notice how obstructed the view is. I just want to give my thoughts on it. I had already seen pictures from specific sections of the arena where you can’t see the entire rink, but I had not seen a broadcast until tonight. I assumed there would not be a problem watching the broadcast, but I was proven wrong. The railings in the stands, especially in the end New York defends twice, makes it hard to follow. It’s difficult to watch. While I resented relocating the team, I don’t blame the NHL. Barclays Center is the only arena in Brooklyn, so there is no other place for the Islanders to play in that city. I believe the blame falls upon the designers of the Arena. I understand it was originally meant for basketball, but somebody should’ve thought, “hey, this could possibly used for hockey,” or something to that effect. I know Islanders fans will deal with it; I’m sure there are people who’ll pay for one of the obstructed views to experience the atmosphere of an NHL game, but I don’t think I would as it just really bothers me.


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