Recent News and Thoughts

Todd Richards has been fired and replaced by John Tortorella in Columbus. This was expected, as an 0-7 start for a team with the kind of talent that was expected to make the playoffs is unacceptable. They ended last season on a 15-1-1 run, and had a great preseason after improvements made this past offseason.

Also news is Duncan Keith being out for 4-6 weeks after having knee surgery. That is a blow to the Blackhawks, and we’ll see how much they are hurt by it. They have already started the season subpar.

One surprise is the early success of the Arizona Coyotes. They were supposed to be one of the last placed teams and have gotten off to a great start, winning their first 4 games. Mike Smith has been stellar, and the young guys have been producing. It does make sense that when you have a group of young players trying to prove themselves, the hard-work can sometimes pay off. It’ll be interesting to see if this early success will continue.

Other surprises include the slow starts from Calgary, Anaheim, and Pittsburgh. While I expected the Habs to be very good this year, the 7-0-0 start is a bit surprising, as well. It is nice to see Alex Semin get off to a good start, who just scored his first goal last night in a Habs uniform.


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