Chicago Blackhawks 2015-2016

I can’t really say how Chicago will do this year yet with their ongoing issue with Patrick Kane. To make a final prediction, I need to know what will come of it.

They are already hurt by the losses of Brandon Saad and Patrick Sharp, losing about 40 to 50 goals in production between the two. Then having to dump Versteeg and Nordstrom, and not getting much in return, because of salary cap issues, they lose another 15 to 20 goals.

The acquisition of Anisimov gives them about the production from Versteeg back, and the additions of Daley and Garbutt gives them 25-30 goals. Overall, they may lose about 20 goals from what happened this offseason, which could hurt them in the standings. That being said, this team would still make the playoffs. Here’s where I have to hold off on my prediction, though: what happens to Patrick Kane? He is already missing training camp due to the on going investigating, and the Blackhawks have said they are ready to move on if it doesn’t subside soon. He will be placed on disciplinary suspension if it isn’t finished by the time the team reports for physicals on September 15th, which is tomorrow. If he is out for a good amount of the season, it will be very difficult for the Blackhawks to make the playoffs.

So, again, before I make a final prediction, I will need further details on that situation.


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