Calgary Flames 2015-2016

The Calgary Flames had a surprisingly good season last year, making the playoffs for the first time since 2009. I think most were expecting them to again be near the bottom, but the hard-work this team does finally payed off. They defeated Vancouver in the first-round, and, although they lost to Anaheim in five games, they put up a good fight.

The Flames have a nice young core that will only get better. The fact that they made the playoffs in the West shows how competitive they are. They have a great goaltending tandem with Hiller and Ramo, who led the way for the Flames. They work as a good 1A-1B combination, where each could play a stretch of games, even in the playoffs.

The biggest move they made this summer was acquiring Bruins’ defenseman Dougie Hamilton while not sacrificing that much, adding to already a pretty good back end. They now have a very good young defensive core that will help them continue their success.

With how the West stacks up, I’m not too sure they will make it again, as I expect teams such as Dallas and maybe LA making a big push for the playoffs this year, but they will be in the running for a spot again.


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