Boston Bruins 2015-2016

I was very puzzled by the moves the Bruins made this offseason. I didn’t see it as a very good one.

The first move they made was trading Dougie Hamilton. They gave up a future elite defenseman for draft picks. They already hurt the defense with the Boychuk trade last summer, and then they go ahead and trade another top defenseman. If they weren’t going to be able to re-sign him, I felt they could have gotten more in the trade.

Next, they traded Milan Lucic to the Kings for the 13th overall pick, goaltender Martin Jones, and prospect Colin Miller. Lucic can be a dirty player, but he brings a lot of physicality and production. The Bruins held three first round picks in a row (13th, 14th, 15th), so they had a chance to really make up for some losses. They did not make very good use of them in my opinion. They passed up on guys such as Mathew Barzal, Colin White, and Kyle Connor. 2 of the 3 they picked were not even in the top 30 in the mock draft.

The Bruins traded Reilly Smith for Jimmy Hayes, who, at 6’6″, brings the style of play Boston wants, though they do lose some depth production, at least in the short term. I will neither condemn nor praise the trade. I will commend them for getting rid of Marc Savard’s contract, though.

The acquisition of Matt Beleski was smart; he had a great year last season and could bring some nice production. It is possible, though, that his numbers were high last year because he was on the line with Getzlaf and Perry. Either way, he’s still a nice addition to the team.

It was very smart to boot Peter Chiarelli for Don Sweeney, as some of Chiarelli’s moves lately were pretty bad, the worst being the Johnny Boychuk trade.

I don’t expect them to make the postseason this season; I didn’t see any improvement in their team this offseason.


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