Mathew Barzal

Mathew Barzal is rated at 10th in the mock draft, but could go before that. What I like about him is his offensive game. He has a very good shot and makes solid passes.

I would categorize Barzal as a playmaker. He does a very good job at setting people up and creating scoring chances. His style reminds me of an Alex Semin at his best. He seems to love to be a playmaker and complete very solid passes, and a lot being very beautiful, but sometimes he will try to force a pass or wait too long before he decides what to do, giving the puck up. He does have a nice ability to saucer the puck through traffic, but I think he does need to be a little more decisive. While he isn’t a defensive forward, his defense is solid, back checking very nicely. He also will throw his weight around using his 6″0″ frame.

Barzal is also a very good skater. He has a good amount of speed and agility, adding to his ability to back check and get back defensively, as well as bring the puck up the ice.

Overall, I think he is a great offensive player, with an ability to have breakout games, with a good defensive skill. I believe he is worth a top 10 pick in the draft.


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