Ivan Provorov

Ivan Provorov is now 3rd in the final mock draft. He is a solid 2 way defenseman, who has led all rookies in the WHL in scoring and one of the top scorers on his team. He has a good shot and makes very solid passes, which helps in being a good quarterback on the power play. Another aspect that helps in quarterbacking the man advantage is his ability to hold the blue line and keep play alive, which, as I’ve said before, is something that I like to see in a player such as Joni Pitkanen. One thing he also likes to do, which is neither a criticism or praise, is leading the breakout, carrying the puck through the neutral zone instead of distributing it. I do praise the fact that he doesn’t turn it over while doing so, though.

Provorov is also solid defensively, staying in between the passing lanes to cut off a cross ice pass on an odd man rush. He has nice stick checking and is not afraid to use his body, and use it effectively. He gets in on the forecheck, but not in a way that has him out of position. I think he will be a very good defenseman in the NHL, of course probably needing a couple more years of development like many defenseman, though. I see him as the second best defenseman in the draft behind Hanifin.


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