Is it a Goal or an Illusion?


In last night’s game between Anaheim and Calgary, this happened with about 5 minutes left in regulation. Looks clearly like a goal, right? At first I thought so, too, as I sat in shock of the the “inconclusive” call, leading to no goal. At this point, it doesn’t matter too much as Calgary came back and won, but it’s still being talked about. I realized today that if you look closely, you see that it’s in the air, creating an illusion. While it looks like there’s white between the puck and the redline, it’s actually beneath the puck. Think of it this way, if you look at a picture of a puck right before it hits the post, it may look like the puck is well inside the line, when in reality, it’s nowhere close to crossing it. Plus, if you look at this incident from the overhead view, you can’t even see the puck, meaning it’s directly under the crossbar, therefore directly over the line (no goal). Due to that, an “inconclusive” ruling is the correct call.

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