2nd Round Prediction 1

Washington Capitals vs New York Rangers

I am going with the Rangers in this series. Their defense I believe will shutdown the offense of Washington. The Caps just barely escaped the Islanders, and, as good as the Islanders are, the Rangers are stronger. I think it will be a hard fought series, though. Holtby has been great so far, as well, which can keep the Rangers to low scoring just like Fleury did.

Calgary Flames vs Anaheim Ducks

I’m going to once again bet against Anaheim. People are saying teams don’t want to play Anaheim because of their ability to comeback in the 3rd, but in my opinion, giving it all in just one period will catch up to them. Winnipeg outplayed them in the first 2 periods of every game but game 4. It could’ve gone the other way if they held on to those leads. Now Anaheim faces a team the plays 60 minutes every night and has the same ability to comeback in the 3rd, canceling that advantage out. A tandem of Hiller and Ramo beats out Pavelec, even with how good he was in the series. I see Calgary edging Anaheim out.


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