Brother Stands up for Brother

This title is a little bit of a joke after a past newspaper article I saw; it doesn’t sound correct. I really should write “A Guy Stands Up for His Brother”. That’s what happened last night when Dion Phaneuf put a questionable hit on Jordan Staal. Eric Staal didn’t like it and challenge Phaneuf to a fight, defending his younger brother. I thought it was awesome that Eric stood up in defense of Jordan. It’s something the Hurricanes hadn’t been doing under coach Kirk Muller and Jim Rutherford. Standing up for his brother, or any teammate for that matter, shows a lot of leadership on his part. After he came out of the box and to the bench, all the players gave him an approval, even assistant coach (and former captain of the Hurricanes) Rod Brind’amour, who gave him a tap on the helmet. Here is a video of the incident:

As Tripp Tracy stated, what makes it a questionable hit is that Phaneuf elevates. Later on, Eric wasn’t finished with him. Having one goal and a fight, he could have passed the puck off and have someone else score the empty netter to finish the Gordie Howe hat-trick. Instead, he hammers the puck into the net. At first, I’m left wondering why he didn’t pass it off or even just wrist it home. Later, I realized Phaneuf was right in front of him trying to block the shot. Eric said after the game, “Yeah I was aware he was there, but we were playing aggressive and I just wound up and I was either going to score a goal or sting him with one.” The Hurricanes handed the Maple Leafs another loss with a 4-1 victory, the Leafs now left only scoring 2 goals in 5 games. There was plenty of booing and jerseys thrown on the ice.

The video of this is in this article:


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