Surprising Start

For the most part, this has been a very surprising start to the season. It looks like Colorado might have been a one year wonder, only winning 2 of their first 9 games. They don’t seem as good as their record last year. This is what happens with some coaches, though. The first year is great, but there’s a decline after it. It happens with Peter Laviolette. The Hurricanes were a one year wonder the season they won the Stanley Cup back in 2006, but were not the same after. Same with Philadelphia under Laviolette. They had a Stanley Cup finals appearance the first season, but a steady decline after.

Also a bit surprising is the New York Islanders with their 6-2-0 start, leading the Metro Division. I knew they had a chance to be a sleeper (not sure if I mentioned that in my prediction or not), but I did not expect this good of a start. The smart moves they made this offseason and the trades right before, acquiring Johnny Boychuk and Nick Leddy, have worked out extremely well, and I don’t see them letting up in any way.

Nashville has surprised me so far. They are leading the Central Division with a 5-1-2 record. The offense has been strong enough to win with the tremendous goaltending that they have. Their multiple acquisitions have worked out very well, also.

Calgary has had a very solid start to their season. They are 5-4-1, third in the Pacific Division. Hiller has been spectacular. The offense has been solid. The one thing I’ve always said about them is that they are a very hard working team, they just haven’t had the talent the past few years. With the moves this past offseason, acquiring Mason Raymond, Jonas Hiller, and Derek Engelland, they acquired talent. Sean Monahan is improving, which also helps them talent wise. I wouldn’t be surprised if they continue this path.

It is still early in the season, so anything can happen. Some of these teams can drop off, and some can pick up. Either way, this start still surprises me, and if this continues, the playoff picture will turn out to be completely different from my prediction.

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