Anaheim Ducks 2014-2015

I’ll actually start my predictions today.

One of the main problem with the Ducks is in the playoffs. Boudreau has led his teams to 50 wins, but has not led them past the second round. I look at the playoff performance, though, and I’m not going to just blame him. There are a couple reasons I want to point out.

One is face-offs. During the post-season, their face-off percentage was very low. They lost 50 less than the Kings in that second round series. Everyone had lower than a 50% rating. This offseason, they traded for Ryan Kesler, who is 53% at the face-off circle, contrast to Nick Bonino, of whom they traded for Kesler. They also grabbed Nate Thompson, who was 52% in the regular season, 63% in the playoffs. With those two, face-offs will be better for them.

During the playoffs, defense was also a problem. Everyone was a minus player. They acquired Clayton Stoner this summer, who is very solid defensively and will bring grit to the team.

The Ducks’ most recent acquisition is Dany Heatley. Only time will tell whether it was a good move. He has been tremendous offensively in the past, but has struggled of late. One year at $1 million isn’t a bad deal, though. He can maybe bring solid depth to the bottom six, and possibly work his way up to the top six. The Ducks have an abundance of right wingers, so it’s good to obtain a true left winger, as well.

The Ducks will be at the top of the Pacific Division again, but I’m not sure how they’ll do in the playoffs. I have a feeling this is Bruce Boudreau’s last chance to do something, and if he doesn’t get past the first or second round, he could be gone.


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