Stanley Cup Champs

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings for winning the Stanley Cup. They had an amazing run, and now hold the record for the most games played in one post-season. They had to overcome a 3-0 series deficit, had 2 very tough 7 game series against the Ducks and Blackhawks, and faced a tough Rangers team. The Finals were closer than it looks on paper. The Rangers could be ahead in this series right now. In all but 1 game, the Rangers had a lead heading into the 3rd period. In every one of those games, the Kings took over the 3rd. Lundqvist was spectacular, but didn’t get enough help on either end.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off game 5 last night. It was intense hockey and a very exciting goaltending battle. They exchanged scoring chances in overtime. Multiple hit the post or went just wide, and there were plenty of outstanding saves. A great block saved a goal for the Kings, as the net was wide open. The Kings finally ended it a few minutes later.


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