The Bruins, The Kings, Some Controversy, and the Juice

The Bruins finished off the Red Wings today with a 4-2 win. They now face the Montreal Canadiens, which should be an awesome series. I think the Canadiens are the only team that has a chance at beating Boston in the East.

The Kings have made it a series now. They shutout the Sharks 3-0 at the Shark Tank, Quick making 30 saves. The series has been cut to 3-2.

With 1:14 left in regulation in the Avs-Wild game, the Avalanche again score to tie it, winning in OT on a goal by Nathan McKinnon. The controversy with the tying goal is that there were two missed calls leading to the goal. The first was a missed holding penalty, and then a missed offsides, both seconds before the Avs tied it. What’s done is done, though, so there’s no point in going on. The Avalanche lead the series 3-2 as it shifts back to Minnesota for game 6; I think it’ll go to 7.

Lastly is Jussi Jokinen, or the Juice as he was called in Carolina. He has been the main difference for Pittsburgh in this series, scoring his second game-winner and third goal of the playoffs tonight. Jussi is a fan favorite for his effort and ability to score 20-30 goals and 50-60 points in a season. I don’t know what it is, but he lights it up in the post-season, also, scoring goals when his team needs it the most. This is the reason why I said I’d be watching him closely. I won’t say he’s been the only difference, though.


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