Still a Little Ways to Go

So my last post was about the women’s Olympic hockey final, and how I am excited for another Canada-USA matchup. I do want to take a moment to talk about the sport’s competitiveness and it’s future. It’s been something that I’ve been in a debate about all day.

Now I believe there is more competition in it than others think, but I won’t deny that it needs to increase. Now between Canada and USA, competition is just as high as in the men’s. The European teams are competitive against each other, as well (although not as much). If you look at the big picture, though, USA and Canada’s game is at a much higher level than that of the teams in Europe. This is where people are saying there’s no competitiveness, which I won’t accept. These people, like Bob McKenzie, try coming up with these ideas to make it more competitive, such as having 2 Canada and USA teams. What would that accomplish, though? It would make things worse. What’s funny is that McKenzie stated that he didn’t follow the women’s game, so really, what does he know? My argument is that we just need to let it grow in popularity. The reason this has been dominated by USA and Canada is due to the lack of popularity there has been. European countries haven’t been investing much into the women’s game, probably because of that. Therefore better conditioning has been available in North America. I’ve started to see popularity of the sport increase tremendously. I believe as it continues to grow, in the next 2 or 3 Olympics there will be an increase in competitiveness between the European teams and USA and Canada. Just look at what happened when basketball was introduced into the Olympics; the USA dominated for years, and now they aren’t a guaranteed a medal. Even when men’s hockey first became an Olympic sport Canada would dominate by score differentials over 20.


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