Olympic Hockey Update February 16


Russia and Slovakia were scoreless through 65 minutes, leading to a second straight shootout for Russia. Radulov and Kovalchuk won it for Russia, but they will have to play an elimination game to stay in. If I’m correct, it will be against Finland, who lost 2-1 in overtime against Canada. That was a game that looked like a match between USA and Switzerland in women’s hockey, with Canada not letting Finland get anything and dominating the play, especially in the second period. If it wasn’t for Rask, Canada would’ve won that game easily.

The USA defeated Slovenia today 5-1. It was another game where, to me, the US tried to play on individual talent; that ended in the second, though, as they started creating chemistry as a team.

Austria defeated Norway 3-1.


Tomorrow is the semifinals in the women’s tournament. Sweden will face USA, a game I’ll be waking up early again for, while Switzerland will face Canada. Whoever wins those two games will play for the gold medal, and, as I keep saying, I’m predicting USA vs Canada.


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