USA vs Canada Women’s Hockey

The USA-Canada Women’s hockey matchup today ended with a 3-2 victory by Canada. It was a great game between these two rivals, which the commentators called “Wednesday Morning Rivalry” as a play on “Wednesday Night Rivalry”. It was a very physical battle. Canada came out hard, but this game could’ve ended with a different result.

I’m not taking anything away from how well Canada played, but they did get a few breaks. There was a missed interference call and two missed too many men on the ice calls. The second goal by Canada should’ve been waved off; when it looked as if goaltender Jesse Vetter had covered the puck after a save, the whistle blew before the puck ended up trickling into the net.

At any rate, it was a hard fought battle and I can’t wait to watch those two go up against each other in the gold medal game. Now I know that’s not final, but, really, how likely is another team going to be able to beat either of them? I’d be shocked.


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