Who should’ve made the Olympics

I’m going to give my opinion on players that should’ve made the Olympics.

1. Alex Semin (team Russia)

Alex Semin has been one of the best forwards for the Carolina Hurricanes. Last season, he was 1 of I believe only 21 that averaged at least a point per game. The problem is, a lot of times it seems the teams are picked by just stats from the first half of this season. I find it a bit wrong that they picked 18-year old Nischuskin to represent Russia, but not include Semin. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Alex Semin is one of the most skilled and underrated players in the world. In my biased opinion, Eric Staal should’ve been a part of team Canada, but I wasn’t surprised that he wasn’t chosen.

2. Ben Bishop (team USA)

Ben Bishop has been the backbone for Tampa this season, especially since Stamkos went out. With his 6’7″ frame, he is able to use his size very smartly. He is very quick, especially for his size. It is extremely hard to beat him up high, and he is also able to drop down into the butterfly easily. His side to side movements are very good. he is square to the shooter, and he doesn’t give up too many rebound chances. In 32 games this season, he holds a 1.86 GAA and a .935 SV %.

3. Martin St. Louis (team Canada)

This future hall of famer has also been amazing in the absence of Steven Stamkos. He is being that veteran leader he’s expected to be, and he definitely deserved a spot on Canada’s Olympic roster. He even has the stats with 19 goals and 21 assists in 43 games, and is at a +13. The same happened with Bishop. My thought is that if Stamkos isn’t ready to go, St. Louis will take his place.


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