Catching Up

For the past couple days I’ve been on the road to NC and haven’t been able to post any news.

First, how about the Winter Classic? What a game that was with the snow coming down for the entire matchup. I’m not a fan of the shootout, but I was hoping for one in this game. It definitely reminded me of the first Winter Classic between Buffalo and Pittsburgh. Bernier stood on his head, making 41 saves out of 43 shots; it could’ve have been a blow out by the end of the second in favor of Detroit if it wasn’t for his play in net. Toronto of course won in the shootout, the final score being 3-2. Only once has the home team won in the Winter Classic since the beginning, which was in 2010 in Boston. Next year’s Winter Classic will be featured in Washington DC, but no decision yet on who will be facing the Capitals. My bet would be NYR or Philly.

The US Olympic hockey teams (men’s and women’s) were announced during the Winter Classic.



Other rosters will be announced in a few days.

I believe I forgot to post that awhile ago Shane Doan was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain spotted fever. He has now been cleared to play and will be in the lineup tomorrow against the Flyers.

I may begin noting the 3 stars of every month; hopefully I’ll keep up with it. Here are the three stars of December:


I’m not sure if it’s my biased opinion or not, but I think Jeff Skinner should’ve been one of them. These three have played very well, also, so I won’t totally argue with it.

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