Trade Rumors

This is just a quick post to talk about what trades may be coming.

The Oilers are looking for a “stud defenseman”, willing to trade their first round puck. This does make sense; their defense and goaltending haven’t been very good in awhile. They fixed the goaltending issue by signing Ilya Bryzgalov, but still need a shutdown defenseman to solidify their play in their own end.

Martin Erat has requested a trade from Washington, who acquired him by giving a future star. There isn’t much room for Erat in Washington. He has been playing on the 4th line most of the time when he was playing in the top 6 in Nashville.

The Islanders are looking for a shutdown defenseman, as well, which I had actually suggested they needed when the trade for Vanek occurred. I’ve heard that Grabner may be trade bait for them.They are letting a lot of shots and goals through, holding a GAA of 3.38, and was part of the reason I predicted they would not be in the post season.

Carolina has had a hard time scoring, and last night was only the 4th or 5th time they’ve scored more than two goals in a game. Their defense has been outstanding, though. With the surplus of defense, they are looking to move Gleason, who is the odd man out. Rumors have it the Islanders have been in talks with them, and a shoot-first, 30 goal scorer like Grabner is what the Canes need. Tlusty and Ruutu are also being shopped.

There’s not many rumors in Buffalo, but I think more trades may be coming from them because of their horrid start.


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