NBC Sports Network displayed Carolina vs Philadelphia tonight. The game between the Canes and Flyers was very tense, as there was no score for over 56 minutes of regulation time. Each team was looking to end a scoring slump, the Canes having lost their last 5. With just about 3 and a half minutes remaining, Scott Hartnell deflected a shot past Justin Peters to give the Flyers a 1-0 lead. It was looking like they were going to win the game, that is, until the Staal brothers connected with just under a minute left in regulation. With the extra man, Eric Staal found Jordan on a cross crease pass, who finished it off. Halfway through OT, the Flyers turned it over, leading to a breakaway for the newly acquired Manny Malhotra. It became the game winning goal, and it was Malhotra’s first as a Hurricane and of the season.

As a side note: On NHL post game, Mike Milbury was once again very disrespectful of both teams, especially Carolina, which he once called a hockey wasteland. I don’t know which game he was watching, but he called it one of the top 5 worst games he’s seen. He expressed that he saw no intensity from either team and the leaders. I saw a lot of intensity, though. I’ll tell you, Milbury needs to learn to be a little more respectful.


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