George Parros injured

During one of the many fights in the Toronto-Montreal game, in another scrap between Colton Orr and George Parros, Parros went down face first. Colton Orr had slipped, and Parros, not expecting Orr to fall, threw another punch, his momentum carrying him to the ice and knocking him out. Orr stood up and immediately called for doctors. Parros, trying to stand up, was ordered to stay down and was carried off on a stretcher. He has been diagnosed with a concussion, although I do not know how serious it is.

Speaking of fighting, a player is not allowed to take his helmet off, which I back up completely. One of the most dangerous parts of fighting is falling to the ice, the head banging against it. A penalty will be enforced if a player commits this previously legal act. An example of this happened just moments ago in the Edmonton-Winnipeg game that I did not mention earlier today.


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