Vancouver Canucks 2013-14

Vancouver went backwards this offseason. They didn’t make any offseason moves after the draft, which is where they made their biggest blunder in the offseason.

During the draft, they shipped Cory Schneider to New Jersey. I was shocked when I heard the news. Schneider was giving Luongo a run for his money with the starting job, and it seemed like Luongo was going to be headed out. He was the one who wanted to leave, also. It made no sense to trade Schneider when Luongo was the one who didn’t want to stay and when his starting job was being threatened. Will Bo Havlat be worth giving up Schneider? And do you really want a goalie who doesn’t want to play for the team?

The offense has been steadily declining the past couple years, and nothing was done to it. To go along with that, they lost Mason Raymond, who doesn’t have tremendous offensive skills, but is solid in that area.

The one thing that is set is defense. They have a nice set of defensive players, with a defense-first coach in John Tortorella. Will that be enough, though? In the tougher division, I don’t think so.

I don’t see them in the playoffs this season.


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