The Stanley Cup Champions

What seemed like a series that was headed for a game 7 made an unexpected turn. Chicago, down 2-1, scored two goals in the last minute to win the Stanley Cup. They pulled off what the Hurricanes did in 2009 with their game 7 comeback against New Jersey. LA also did it vs San Jose in this year’s playoffs. What a finish to a Stanley Cup Finals. Patrick Kane came away with the Conn Smythe Award.

For Bruins fans, I know how they feel, being a Spurs fan. During the NBA Finals, a last minute comeback by the Heat in game 6, leading to a loss in game 7, was just as heart breaking.

2 thoughts on “The Stanley Cup Champions

  1. I still don’t think it was as good of a comeback as the Bruins in Game 7 against the Maple Leafs.. Bruins were down by 3 with 10 minutes left, then down by 2 with 1.5 minutes left.. and they won it! But yes it’s tough.. it’s heartbreaking actually. I’m a Bruins fan but I respect the Blackhawks.. except for Kane, who should get the Douchebag Trophy for flipping off the crowd when the game ended, while everyone else was showing good sportsmanship.

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