New Uniforms Unveiled

The Carolina Hurricanes made their first major jersey change in their 15 years in Raleigh. Here they are:



I believe this is an upgrade, switching to a more traditional style jersey. That’s not to say I didn’t like the old jerseys, because I did, but this is a cleaner uniform. I’m a fan of the classic laces on the home jersey, bringing the old school look. I’ll go through the main parts of the jersey.


As you can see the shoulders of the road jersey are red and encompasses the name, which is a nicer look than having the name outside of that colored area. It’s also nice to see that they didn’t just reverse the colors on the lettering like the last home and road set. The font of the jerseys is different; it is a little more compressed in a way that I like. It’s clear that they lost the pipes on the shoulders, as well as the warning flag logo.


There are two parts to the front that I’ll show. The difference between the backs of this new set shows up in the front. Just like the name and numbers, the “C” isn’t reversed in color. On the road it is black outlined in silver, while the home holds the white outlined by black. The home jersey has the classic laces that I mentioned earlier, while the road doesn’t. Both jerseys are unique from each other. The logos are now made of patch material, which will be more comfortable for the players and help them bend more easily. Previously, the logo was big and interfering.


The base of the jersey has had a total makeover. On the last uniforms warning flags circled the bottom of the jerseys. The road replaces it with a thick red strip with thinner black lines above and below it, while the home jersey has two white strips. They both continue on to the sleeves which is a nice touch. People have noticed that it is similar to Canada’s jersey, but I still love the design.


I just mentioned how they took the warning flags away from the bottom, but they did keep that design, placing it on the collar. I’m glad they kept it; it gives the jersey a unique quality.

The shorts are all red; they do not have a black edge on them, and the socks mirror the base of the jersey. I could not find a good picture of them.

There isn’t much on the Dallas Stars jersey; I could only find one picture:


I am not a fan of this; thy are bringing back the classic look as well, but it looks worse to me. One, the logo doesn’t seem strong enough to be a primary logo. Two, the green is too light in my opinion. That’s all I could gather. It’s not as plain as the others, but I wish they kept the old logo and made it a darker green.


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