Bruins and Rangers win Game 7

The Bruins became the first team in NHL history to come back from a three goal deficit in the 3rd period of a Game 7 and win the game. They were down 4-1 halfway through the third. When it was 4-2 with just over a minute to go in regulation, they scored twice in 31 seconds to tie the game, and won in overtime.

I was correct in picking the Bruins, although it was closer than I thought it would be. Toronto should hold their heads high; they played a great series.

The Rangers were the first team in their series to win away from home. Lundqvist shutout the Caps for the second straight game in a 5-0 victory. I thought this could be a year the Caps could contend for the Cup, but again they fail to do so. Their failure to get to the Eastern Conference Finals is just repetitive. Only once have they’ve done it, back in 1998, when they made it to the Stanley Cup Finals to face the Red Wings. George McPhee’s problem is his failure to find a solid number 1 goaltender. Holtby was great this season, and in this series, but he’s not the goalie who can consistently make the big saves down the stretch. Eventually not having a number one goalie will come back to hurt a team. Look at the Carolina Hurricanes this season. They were once at a 15-9-1 record, winning 6 of 7 games. They looked like a sure playoff team this season who would be the Rangers’ eventual opponent. Cam Ward’s absence began to hurt them, as they lost 14 out of 15 games. They could have won half those games, but they could not get the big saves near the end of regulation to help them get the victory. Then look at what goalies like Lundqvist, Quick, and Howard have done for their teams.

I was wrong about this series.


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