NHL Realignment

The NHL and NHLPA are close to making a deal for the realignment.  
The four divisions will look like this:
The East will have the Atlantic and Central divisions.
The West will have the Mid-West and Pacific divisions.
New Jersey
New York Islanders
New York Rangers
Tampa Bay
St Louis 
Los Angeles
San Jose
Some parts of the divisions bother me.  One, the teams in Florida should not be in the same division as the teams up in New England and Canada.  They should be in the Atlantic division.  Maybe move the two New York teams to the Central division. I think Detroit and Columbus need to stay in the Western Conference, and instead move Nashville to the East.  This would keep the conferences at an even 15-15, instead of 16-14. 
To go along they have had to figure out how the playoffs will work.  The first proposal, which I did not like at all, consisted of the division winners playing a wild card team in the same division, making it a 8 team postseason.   The NHLPA did not approve of this plan.  The new proposal is okay with me.  It keeps the playoffs at a 16 team competition, where the first three teams in each division make the playoffs, and the two with the best records out of the rest of the conference will fill the last two spots. The only problem to me goes back to 16 teams in one conference, and 14 in the other.  It doesn’t seem quite fair that, in one conference, there is a 50% chance of making the playoffs, while in the other there is a 57% chance in making them.

5 thoughts on “NHL Realignment

  1. I agree with virtually all the points you’ve made there. Really don’t think that the Florida teams should be in the same division as the Bruins, Canadiens etc. It does look a lot like a plan to please the Red Wings. Like you, I think they should stay in the West to even out the conferences. With some creative scheduling they could stay in that conference but play a lot less games in those time zones.

  2. I agree with some of your points. I am not a fan of this realignment as well. I understand the reason for moving Detroit into the Eastern Conference, but how many teams can they put in there? Think about it. What about Quebec? They have said either through relocation or expansion there will be a Quebec team. They have also been saying they want a second Toronto in Markham. Both areas are building NHL arenas. Plus we already know Columbus is coming east. Basically it seems that they have a tough choice. What is more important to them? A second Toronto team or Detroit in the east because they can’t have it both ways. I think this also signals the end of hockey in South Florida. A struggling team in a non-traditional hockey environment. I believe they may be relocated to Quebec or out west to Seattle or Kansas City. Seems to work with putting both Florida teams in the “Central”. Temporary move so they could move Florida to make room for a Quebec(or even move them there), and also maybe let them get more familiar with their division rivals. Then when they move Florida, they just switch Tampa and Columbus. But even with all that a second Toronto team doesn’t seem to fit.

    1. I see your point on the Florida thing; that makes more sense. I have expected them to move for a couple years now. They probably will move to Quebec and fit in the central division. I think Seattle may get a team, though, as they were rumored to get the Oilers for awhile, if they couldn’t get a new stadium in Edmonton. I think one of the reasons I don’t like Detroit in the East is because it breaks up the Detroit-Chicago rivalry. I guess you can’t keep every rivalry in the realignment, though. I can see hockey being brought back to Quebec City, but not a second Toronto team. I guess 2 Ontario teams aren’t enough for them.

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