Transaction News

A couple trades have happened in the week:

1st, I’m going to talk about Erik Cole being traded to the Dallas Stars by Montréal in exchange for Michael Ryder. This is a pretty even trade for both sides. They put up similar numbers to each other, being the same type of forward. I do not think, with the way the Montréal Canadiens are playing, this was relevant, but it’s still not a bad trade. The Dallas Stars already have one former Carolina Hurricane, Ray Whitney, who is out with an injury. With this move, they acquire another former Carolina Hurricane.

I found this trade very surprising, but not because it was irrelevant, but that I didn’t expect Erik Cole to to be moved after agreeing to a 4-year, $18 million contract in the 2011 off-season with the Montréal Canadiens. Again, even though it was irrelevant, it was not a bad trade.

Final look at the trade:

Dallas Stars acquire: Erik Cole

Montréal Canadiens acquire: Michael Ryder

The 2nd trade involves the Philadelphia Flyers in the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings trade Simon Gagne back to the Flyers for a fourth-round pick. At first I didn’t get this one at all. The only good reason I could think of is for cap space, but I’m not sure what their cap space was before the trade. After a little while, I realized he has been struggling lately, and his best years have been with Philadelphia. Gagne can bring a lot of offense, but he didn’t put up the points he is capable of while he was in Tampa Bay and Los Angeles.

Final look at the trade:

Philadelphia Flyers acquire: Simon Gagne

Los Angeles Kings acquire: conditional fourth-round draft pick


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