Horrific Incident

A frightening moment reared its head at the PNC Arena just after noon on Thursday. It was the end of the Winnipeg Jets’ practice, with only the healthy scratches on the ice. They were working on one-on-one battles in the zone when the incident occurred. Antti Miettinen was wrapping around from behind the net, using the goal as a screen, believing that Zach Redmond was going to stay behind him. Redmond, though, decided to skate in between Miettinen and the net. Miettinen explains that he believed Redmond may have tripped on the netting. The next thing he knows, as he takes a stride, he’s stepping on Redmond’s leg. As he stops and takes a look back, he sees Redmond laying on the ice with blood pouring from his leg. Immediately the coaches rush onto the ice toward the injured rookie, screaming for the medical staff. Rob Milette, the Jets’ head athletic therapist, started running through the dressing room. When he reached the ice of the PNC Arena, he sees the most horrific incident he’s faced in his 12 years as a therapist.

Redmond’s femoral artery was cut, and he lost a liter of blood. Fortunately, he survived, but his rookie season had ended.


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