Surprises and Disappointments

The three biggest surprises so far:
1.  Anaheim Ducks
2. New Jersey Devils
3. Chicago Blackhawks
I expected the Ducks to do better this year, but not this much better.  I expected them o be fighting for a playoff spot, but right now they are leading the division.
I didn’t expect the Devils to make the playoffs this year, but right now they’re leading the Eastern Conference.
I knew the Blackhawks would do well, but at best they would be in the same position as last year.  They have jumped right out of the gate at a 10-0-2 start, the only team without a regulation loss.  The Blues seem to have been affected by the loss of Halak.  Now that he’s off the injured list, maybe the Blues will come back; with the way the Blackhawks are playing, though, it seems like they could easily win the division.
The three biggest disappointments so far:
1. Washington Capitals
2. LA Kings
3. New York Rangers/Philadelphia Flyers
I talked about the Capitals on a post below.
The LA Kings I expected to do much better.  They blew right through the Stanley Cup Playoffs, beating the Canucks 4-1, swept the Blues, defeated the Coyotes in 5 as well, and won the Cup in 6.  It looked like they intentionally lost those two games vs the Devils, also, just to make the series more exciting. Instead, they are last in their division.
 The New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers also got off to rusty starts.  Rick Nash seems to be a disappointment right now for New York.  It looks like they could be turning their seasons around, though, and they could be off this list soon.
Overall I think my predictions have been pretty good besides these 7 teams so far.

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