First Few Days

I’ve had fun these first few days of the NHL season. Even though the Hurricanes, Rangers, and Capitals are 0-2-0, I believe they will all do well. The offense of the Hurricanes has been pretty good, but they just haven’t been able to get anything past the goalies. Semin looks amazing out there. For the Rangers, Rick Nash has looked pretty good, but, like the Hurricanes, they are having defensive and goaltending problems. I think once Ward and Lundqvist get settled in, both teams will go on a run; I believe it will be sooner rather than later.

The Capitals defense needs some work, as well. Same with the Flyers; the goals that have passed by Bryzgalov have been quality goals, ones that goalies have almost no chance at stoping.

The last thing that needs to be attended to is puck control for these teams. Turnovers and bad handling of passes have also hurt them.

These teams have a lot of great new additions, also. There has been no pre-season, so these coaches are still trying to find the right lines, positions, and players to dress.

I think they will all start winning soon.

Minnesota looks like they may prove me wrong with a 3-0-0 start to the season. They’ve looked solid in each game. Rask is better than I expected for the Bruins; I have predicted they will win their division, though. The Penguins are also off to a great start, and had an amazing game vs the Rangers, winning 6-3. The Stars are doing well, as I expected. The 40 year-olds are really getting it done; Jagr and Whitney, along with Teemu Salanne, have all been fantastic to start the season. I also have to mention the Chicago Blackhawks, who have started very strong, also at a 3-0-0 record.

This is hockey, though. Anything can happen. Some of these teams may end up in a great spot in the end, but a fast start doesn’t define how the season will go; same with teams starting off slow. Those at 0-2-0 could end up on top. It will be a fun season.


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