Los Angeles Kings ( 2012 Stanley Cup Champions)

The Los Angeles Kings are coming into this season as champs. They were fighting for a playoff spot the whole season last year, but made a tremendous postseason run. The struggle to finish in the top 8 was mostly due to their lack of offense, despite players such as Justin Williams, Dustin Brown, and Andre Kopitar. They had the 2nd lowest number of goals scored at 194. The defense, however, was fantastic. There were number 1 in the league in that regard, allowing only 179 goals-against.

They didn’t have many additions to this off-season, only signing Andrew Bodnarchuk, and losing Scott Parse. I’d say they had a good off-season because of the key players they were able to keep, such as Jarret Stoll, Colin Fraser, and Dustin Penner. The most important one, though, was goalie Jonathan Quik. One of the best goalies in the league, winning the Conn Smythe award (MVP of the playoffs). These players were all important to their Stanley Cup run.

The Los Angeles Kings didn’t make many improvements, but they addressed more important issues. I believe this regular-season a will be similar to the last for them.


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