Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars have been on the verge of a postseason run the past few years. They have had trouble maintaining a playoff spot during the season, though. This off-season was about gathering a team that won’t falter near the end of the season. I believe they had a successful off-season.

To start off, they traded Mike Rebeiro to Washington for Cody Eakon. This doesn’t seem like a good move, usually, since Rebeiro is an 80+ points scorer, and Eakon is an average defensive defenseman, but with what came next, losing Rebeiro didn’t hurt.

The 1st free-agent they signed was Ray Whitney. Coming from Phoenix, he is a 70+ point scorer. Also moving to Dallas  was Jaromir Jagr, who is most likely  going to be a Hall of Famer. They received Derek Roy from Buffalo, also.  Like I’ve mentioned before, Roy is an offensive threat. The last signing was Aaron Rome, who is a pretty good defensive defenseman.

I believe they will make the playoffs, but only if these all-stars work well together, and can help avoid a late breakdown near the end of the season.



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