The NHL lockout is finally over!  It’s been a tough 3 1/2 months for me and the rest of the NHL fan base.  The season will most likely start on January 19th.  It’ll be a 48-game season; teams will play each of their division rivals 7 times, and 2 games with each of the other teams in their conference.  There will be no inter-conference games.


5 thoughts on “LOCKOUT OVER!

  1. Great news that the NHL Lockout is finally over! That schedule and the shorter season are going to really make the games intense! Maybe they’ll look at realignment again soon as well? If they do, hope they make a few changes to the plan!

  2. I’m attempting an alternative realignment plan on my blog. Actually have moved the Predators ‘East’, along with the Blue Jackets and have moved the Maple Leafs ‘West’ back to a division that looks like the old Norris Division.

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