New York Rangers 2016-2017

The New York Rangers, ending with a 46-27-9 record and 101 points, had a very disappointing finish to another solid season, Pittsburgh dominating them in the first round, winning in five games. They were simply overmatched by a Penguins team that seemed unstoppable in the second half of the season. New York’s main problem last season was defense. […]

New York Islanders 2016-2017

The New York Islanders had a successful season last year. They finished with a 45-27-10 record and 100 points. They scored 232 goals for and allowed 216 goals against. For the first time in 23 years, they won a playoff series in a tough, six game battle with Florida. Unfortunately for them, they lost to Tampa […]

New Jersey Devils 2016-2017

The Devils had a pretty good run last season before falling short of the playoffs in the last month of the season. They finished with a 38-36-8 record and 84 points. Their defense and goaltending was spectacular, allowing only 208 goals. Their offense, however, posed the problem as they only hammered home 184 goals. They […]

Nashville Predators 2016-2017

Nashville had a successful season this past year. After a solid 2015 campaign, finishing second in the division with a 47-25-10 record and 104 points, they secured the first wild card spot in 2016. Facing the Anaheim Ducks in the first round, down 3-2, they came back and won the series as the underdog. They […]

Montreal Canadiens 2016-2017

Montreal had the biggest collapse I’ve seen from a team in a season. They started the season winning their first 9 games, and they looked like a team to beat. Around November, Carey Price went down, but they were still able to tread water and stay well ahead of everybody else in the atlantic. After […]

Minnesota Wild 2016-2017

Minnesota is probably the sneakiest team in the league. They seem to always just barely find themselves in a playoff spot and putting up a fight against a superior team. In 2015, they were looking like they were clearly missing the postseason until a late push secured them a wild card spot. They ended up […]

Los Angeles Kings 2016-2017

The Kings were eliminated by San Jose in the first round after a solid season. They finished second in the division at 102 points, posting a 48-28-6 record. This came after a season where they became the second team in history to miss the playoffs the year after winning the Cup. To be honest, though, […]