Anaheim vs San Jose First Round Preview

I don’t have much of an intro for this preview. I’ll just say this could be a very close series. San Jose averages 33 shots per game. Ryan Miller is in goal for Anaheim, having a .928 save percentage. This leads to 2.38 goals per game in the series for the Sharks. Anaheim, averaging 30.2 […]

Grubauer in Goal

Quick note: Right now, as I write this, Grubauer is in net for Washington as they lead 2-0 in the first intermission.Now I picked Columbus to win the series with Holtby in net. Grubauer has been better than Holtby by far. If Grubauer stays in net with his .923 save percentage over the course of […]

Nashville vs Colorado First Round Preview

Colorado has been the second best story this year. Going from a season with 48 points to the playoffs in the next was very surprising. They got off to a hot start, and everyone believed they were going to fall right off at some point, and they didn’t. Nashville had a better season than I […]

Washington vs Columbus First Round Preview

Washington did better than they were expected this season, once again snatching first in their division. Now it’s the playoffs, though, and I have no faith in them. First, I want to say that I don’t get Brayden Holtby. In 2014, I said he was nothing more than a fringe starter. The next season, he […]

Boston vs Toronto First Round Preview

This is another series between a surprising team and one expected to be where they are. Boston had their young core take a big leap this year. Rookies Jake Debrusk (16 goals and 27 assists) and Charlie McAvoy (7 goals, 25 assists, +20) had great first years. David Pastrnak one upped last year’s totals, racking […]

New Jersey vs Tampa Bay First Round Preview

New Jersey shocked everyone this year right from the beginning of the season. Tampa Bay, well, not so much. Tampa, as it should be, is heavily favored in this matchup. Their offense is tremendous, and goaltending has been great, too. New Jersey doesn’t really match up well. Tampa’s shot percentage, at .108, is well above […]

Battle of the Key Stone State First Round Preview

Pittsburgh-Philadelphia: one of the fiercest rivalries in sports. What a fantastic playoff series this will be. Remember how ugly the 2012 series got? I’m expecting the same here. One outside factor does matter, and that is special teams. There will be a lot of penalties, and Pittsburgh dominates the special teams matchup. Couple that with […]