Vegas Headed to the Stanley Cup Finals

“Garbage name and logo, just like a garbage idea to put a team in the desert.” “Vegas is going to get crushed. They’re going to be a doormat this year.” “There is no way they are going to be a better team than us by the end of the season.” -L.A. Kings defenseman, Drew Doughty […]

Vegas vs Winnipeg Conference Final Preview

Both of these are amazing stories this year (Vegas especially). Who would’ve thought an expansion team would be number one in their division and reach the Conference Finals in their first season. Now people argue they were “given” a great team, but we need to remember they were expected, by everybody, to be a bottom […]

Washington vs Tampa Bay Conference Final Preview

Washington did it. They finally did it. They defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins in a seven game series. Now they face the Tampa Bay Lightning as they have reached the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 1998. You know what? I think they have a chance, and now that they have broken the curse, […]

Boston vs Tampa Bay Series Preview

Before the playoffs, I was ready to pick Boston to win a series between these two; the statistics I calculated had them with a .16 goals for per game edge. Things have changed, however, after what transpired in round one. The catalyst to this change is Tuukka Rask. In the regular season, he had a […]

Winnipeg vs Nashville Series Preview

This will be a fantastic series, maybe even the best one of the second round. These are two of the best teams in the league. Both have an elite offense and fantastic defense and goaltending. I am very excited for this series. One issue for Nashville is that Pekka Rinne is not playing his best […]

San Jose vs Vegas Series Preview

I’m not betting against Vegas. I’m just not. The statistics are in their favor, anyway, against San Jose. Vegas has been one heck of a story. They’ve been doubted the entire season, and each time, they’ve proven everybody wrong. For whatever reasons (which I call “Vegas reasons”), they always find a way to win. All […]

Here We Go Again Preview: Washington-Pittsburgh

Here we go again. For this preview, I’m not going into the statistics I usually do. I really want to predict Washington for this series. We’ve seen this story before, though. Pittsburgh and Washington have met ten times in the playoffs over the course of their history. Washington has won one of them. That was […]