Playoff Prediction 2016-2017

Metropolitan Division Pittsburgh Penguins Washington Capitals New York Rangers Atlantic Division Florida Panthers Tampa Bay Lightning Montreal Canadiens East Wild Card New York Islanders Carolina Hurricanes Central Division Dallas Stars Chicago Blackhawks St. Louis Blues Pacific Division San Jose Sharks Anaheim Ducks Los Angeles Kings West Wild Card Nashville Predators Minnesota Wild I think Pittsburgh […]

Winnipeg Jets 2016-2017

The Winnipeg Jets had a very disappointing season after finally making the playoffs in 2015. They finished with 78 points, posting a 35-39-8 record. Their offense wasn’t bad, but could’ve definitely been better. It was their defense and goaltending, however, that really needed work. They were in the middle of the pack when it came […]

Washington Capitals 2016-2017

With Washington, it was the same old story last season. A fantastic regular season was followed by disappointment in the postseason. The Capitals have not made it past the second round since 1998. They’ve been at the top of the Eastern Conference multiple times, including a couple President’s trophy seasons, yet they just can never […]

Vancouver Canucks 2016-2017

After making the playoffs in 2015, Vancouver failed to qualify this past season. They finished with a 31-28-13 record and 75 points while having an abysmal offensive game. They were the second worst offensive team in the NHL, scoring just 191 goals. Unlike the Devils, who scored only 184, though, the Canucks were not very […]

Trade Update

The Edmonton Oilers traded Nail Yakupov to St. Louis for prospect Zach Porchiro and a conditional third round pick. The conditional third rounder turns to a second if Yakupov scores at least 15 goals this season. If Yakupov can hit that mark, this is a very good trade for St. Louis, especially with how little […]

Toronto Maple Leafs 2016-2017

The Maple Leafs have had just one playoff appearance in the last ten seasons, with a very heartbreaking ending to that playoff run, blowing a 4-1 lead to Boston in game 7. The rebuilding process has been a very long one. This past season, they finished with a 29-42-11 record, adding up to only 69 […]